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Our Mission

Capitol Resource Group aims to provide tactical and practical solutions with a “hands-on” approach to support, enhance and encourage America’s finest institutions and projects.

Our Services

Linking resources, individuals, talent, and ideas are an integral part of the business development dynamic of CRG. We bring 40 years of regional expertise and human resources on behalf of our clients. Our relationships are brought to bear  in order to bring success to our clients goals. 

Whether at the local, state, or federal level, CRG's experience is without challenge. We strive to connect those most important at every level of the lobbying process by building successful strategies, pulling together resources and ideologies, and working to build and pass legislative initiatives. Our firm's function is paramount to our client's interest. 

Representing the interests of our client is paramount to CRG's ethic. Our firm's representation knows no barrier. We work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of our clients interests before all levels of institutions and government. 

Funding political campaigns is the most important element of any campaign structure. CRG helps to design, manage, and direct campaign fundraising efforts from beginning to end. We are experts in fundraising management, including major donor, direct response, and digitally-based efforts. Our experience is broad and utilizes every aspect of finance and campaign management. 

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