Business Development

With over 40 years of expertise under our belt, CRG offers an array of business development opportunities from young ‘start ups’ to seasoned corporate entities.  Combining relationships across multiple spectrums; corporations, politics, and government, the CRG team has worked to introduce relevant connections to our client’s bottom-line time and time again. 

Mckinsey & Co.

Corporate Advocacy 

Corporate Advocacy is a hallmark of our firm’s experience.  On behalf of companies both large and small, CRG has responded professionally and successfully.  Representing giants such as Hewlett Packard to smaller groups like Universal Space Network, CRG is well situated to represent our clients and their interest before local, state and the federal government.  We are seasoned professionals with hands on experience both in the board room and on the street. 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Government Relations

From Harrisburg to Annapolis, Trenton to DC, CRG has stood side by side those needing representation before our elected representatives in legislative or executive capacities.  Budget authorization, appropriation, coalition development and management, project advocacy, whipping votes and working with clients to thread a very complicated government needle is how we thrive.   The world is complex and so are the organizations that run it.  CRG will walk with you every step of the way, helping to navigate the nuances in each level of government.

Southeastern PA Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Campaign Finance

The leadership of CRG has managed and directed finance and fundraising for political and not for profit campaigns across the nation.  Our firm has managed statewide US Senate campaigns, US House campaigns, Gubernatorial fundraising campaigns, US Presidential campaigns and state and local fund raising efforts.  Our Managing Partner served as the Deputy Director of Finance of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Finance Director of the Republican National Committee, the Finance Director of a US Presidential Campaign and the Senior Vice President of Development of a national not-for-profit organization.  Budget development, staff resourcing, donor advancement, response analysis and overall campaign management are significant achievements of the Capitol Resource Group and our team. 

Republican Party of Pennsylvania